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LiN – Lagerung in Neutralstellung
Ein pflege-therapeutisches Lagerungskonzept
LiN - Arge e. V. – Logo

Ein pflege-therapeutisches Lagerungskonzept

LiN - Arge e. V. – Logo

Ein pflege-therapeutisches Lagerungskonzept

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Course information

The trainers of the LiN-Arge e. V. association offer a wide range of courses. Basic courses (BC) serve to get to know LiN comprehensively. Refresher courses help to recall forgotten information. Advanced courses (AC) repeat and deepen the contents. In addition, the participant can learn the basic principles of stretching positions for people with contractures and the 135° lateral position and the prone position in LiN.
While the basic courses are standardised, all other training offers are individually adapted to the wishes and needs of the participants or the facilities.

Since training individuals from a team usually does not ensure sustainable application within the daily routine of the ward, we have switched to offering introductory concepts. Here, all team members receive practical application training that is shorter than the basic course, and individuals attend basic and advanced courses. We recommend accompanying the team in their daily routine during the first few months. This is part of our offer in an implementing concept.

In order to be able to offer you high-quality courses, we provide comprehensive training for LiN trainers within the trainer education program. They must regularly attend our training modules to maintain their status. The modules also serve to repeatedly question the individual work steps and to adapt them in a practical way, if this has proven necessary in everyday life.

Under course-data you will find information on where and when which kind of course takes place. Currently we conduct courses in German, Danish, Norwegian, English and French.

If you are interested in organizing a course yourself or have any other questions, please contact us.

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